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IAU Reference No. Date of decision Subject Type of release
(PDF, 846.9 KB)
12/01/2023 Statistics of roadside drug and breath tests for Hunter Region - FYs 2019- 2022 Full Release
(PDF, 709.7 KB)
12/01/2023 Statistics of roadside drug tests 2021- October 2022 Full Release
(PDF, 639.2 KB)
30/01/2023 Statistics on average response time for Police Area Commands - FY 2020-2021 & 2021-2022 Full Release
(PDF, 17.8 KB)
02/02/2023 Statistics relating to use recording device in court premises illegally Partial Release
(PDF, 253.9 KB)
17/02/2023 Statistics for response times to urgent response calls 2022 calendar year Full Release
(PDF, 673.7 KB)
17/02/2023 Percentage of urgent response calls attended within target time for 2022 calendar year Full Release
(PDF, 760.7 KB)
28/02/2023 Statistics of fines issued under Rock Fishing Safety Act 2016 by NSWPF Full Release
(PDF, 603.1 KB)
09/03/2023 Statistics for infringements issued relating to e-scooter offences Full Release
(PDF, 717.7 KB)
28/04/2023 Statistics by PAC and PD for drug possession offences Full Release