The continuing increase in the number of reports of domestic and family violence over the past ten years is seen by police and other community agencies, as evidence of an increase in community awareness reinforcing that this form of abusive behaviour must no longer be seen as a 'private' matter. It is recognised by all sectors that abusive behaviour towards a person in a relationship constitutes 'criminal' behaviour and is punishable by law.

NSW Police Force is actively committed to improving our operational response to this crime. We are also actively involved in providing improved support and referral for victims through collaborative working relationships with a range of government and non-government agencies.

The message to the perpetrators who are abusing their partners, children or family members is this:

"Unlike other crimes committed involving personal violence, the NSW Police Force will know who you are. At some time in the future, you will come to our attention and you will be held to account for your actions, it is just a matter of time. Your partner (the victim) is not responsible for your behaviour. You must take responsibility for your actions and stop the abuse and violence now. If you need help to change the way you behave, then you should seek help. It is up to you."