Proactive release of NSW Police Force information

NSW Police Force is an open, transparent and accountable government agency. We are committed to keeping the community informed by releasing information that is relevant and of interest to the community on a regular basis. Such information that is readily available forms part of our proactive release strategy and is contained within this section of our website.

The page menu, located either to the right or above, contains links to information that has been specifically identified as having an interest to the community.

Policy, Procedure and Legislation

NSW Police Force regularly review and share information on their Policies, Procedure and Legislation.

Access NSW Police Force Policy Procedure and Legislation.

Information previously released by NSW Police Force under the GIPA Act

Details concerning decisions made by NSW Police Force in response to an application that may be of interest to other members of the public may be included on our Disclosure Log.

The NSW Police Force's Disclosure Log provides details of:

  • The date the application was decided;
  • A copy of, or description of, the information to which access was provided;
  • A statement as to whether the information is now available to other members of the public, and
  • How the information can be accessed.

Access the NSW Police Force disclosure log.

Applying for formal access to NSW Police Force Information

Some documents held by NSW Police Force are made available only through lodging a formal GIPA access application.