What is a Theatrical Armourer?

A theatrical armourer licence is a firearms dealer licence and authorises the possession, manufacture, acquisition, supply, testing, repair or conversion of firearms or firearm parts, but only in the course of carrying on a business as a theatrical armourer, providing firearms for the purposes of film, television or theatrical productions.

A theatrical armourer licence also authorises the theatrical armourer, and authorised employees of the theatrical armourer, to instruct and supervise actors and other persons involved in film, television or theatrical productions.

In addition, the theatrical armourer licence authorises actors and other persons involved in the production to possess and use firearms, but only under the supervision and control of the theatrical armourer or authorised employee of the theatrical armourer, in accordance with Clause 156 of the Firearms Regulation 2017.

In all respects the legislative, record keeping, security and reporting requirements for a theatrical armourer are the same as those of a firearms dealer.

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