What is a Club Armourer?

A club armourer can possess, manufacture, acquire, supply, test, repair or convert firearms or firearm parts ONLY while undertaking activities incidental to their duties as the club armourer of an approved firearms club.

Club armourers are not engaged in a business and do not have authorised employees.

In all other respects the legislative, record keeping, security and reporting requirements for club armourers are the same as those of a firearms dealer.

New Application & Renewal of a Club Armourer Licence

Safe Storage for Club Armourers

Generally, the same safe storage that would apply to a firearms dealer would apply to a licence issued to a club armourer. However, upon submission to the Firearms Registry, consideration may be given in support of requesting alternate levels of safe storage. Contact the Clubs Unit, Firearms Registry to discuss the safe storage level applicable to your application.

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