The NSW Police Band is Australia’s oldest and longest continuously running concert band. Formed in 1895, in 2020 the band commemorates 125 years of dedicated service. Regarded as “The State Band of NSW” it is one of only two full-time police bands in existence in the country.

Co-ordinated by Senior Sergeant Graham Dickman and Director of Music John Saunders, this permanent, full-time unit of the NSW Police Force is comprised of thirty-three high-calibre, professional musicians that perform together as a Concert Band or Parade Band, according to the occasion. The NSW Police band provides high-profile public relations support to the NSW Police, to State and Federal Governments, and to communities of NSW, forging stronger links between the Police and the people of New South Wales.

Each year the NSW Police Band fulfills over 230 engagements, providing quality music for State Government, NSW Police, community, and charity events. The band also performs formal indoor concerts and recitals, at outdoor events and street parades, as well as concerts and workshops for students during school visits. The band has appeared at numerous prestigious ceremonies, including 'Ticker Tape' parades for Australian sporting teams and for Commonwealth and Olympic athletes, and has also performed for royalty, heads of state, prime ministers and presidents. The Parade Band functions as a marching band for ceremonial events throughout the year, including police graduations and award ceremonies, State Government protocol events, Anzac Day and Remembrance Day.

Boasting great musical diversity, the members of the NSW Police Band also perform in various smaller formations drawn from the full complement of the Concert Band. These versatile groups include the Big Band, Rock Band, Jazz Ensemble, Jazz Combo, the Dixieland or the Ragtime Combo, as well as the Lower Brass Quartet, and a number of Quintets including the Wind Quintet, the Clarinet Quintet, and the Brass Quintet. In addition to this, the band’s highly skilled members often feature in duos and as soloists.

NSW Police Band Vocalist - Belinda Parsons

The NSW Police Band’s vocalist Belinda Parsons is a captivating and dynamic performer. She has a warm and vibrant stage presence and possesses a truly incredible voice. Her voice is one that turns chairs - she turned all four in fact - In season two of “The Voice - Australia”!

Belinda has been a nominee and recipient of Female Vocalist of the Year for the Australian MO Awards and for Australian Club Entertainment Awards. She studied vocal training and technique with renowned singer/vocal coach Neil Williams OA for over a decade. After cutting her teeth working in the recording studio she took her talents to the stage, and has been wowing audiences throughout Australia and across the globe in live performances for over 20 years.

Belinda is a permanent member of the NSW Police Band and has been fronting the band as lead vocalist since 2011. Covering multiple musical genres, her many roles in the band include singing with the Rock Band, Jazz Combo, Big Band, and of course with the complete Concert Band outfit. On occasion you will also see Belinda helping out her fellow band members with an extra pair of hands in the percussion section of the Concert Band.

Throughout her career and in her performances with the NSW Police Band, Belinda has been invited to sing for small, intimate crowds, and for audiences of thousands, including performances for royalty, presidents and prime ministers. In her work with the NSW Police Band Belinda enjoys the challenges and the inspiration that she receives by having the chance to perform in a wide variety of musical styles. Her favourite part of the job however, is having the opportunity to bring smiles to so many peoples faces.