29 September 2019

New Fact Sheets.

SLED has published Fact Sheets on the approved manner and form requirements for incident and sign-on registers. Click here to access these Fact Sheets.

22 May 2019

Industry feedback sought for proposed NSW  Security Licence Course

SLED is currently seeking industry feedback in relation to the proposed NSW Security Licence Course which is being developed to align with the new national Security Operations training package. Click here to view the proposed Security Licence Course structure that is anticipated to be implemented in January 2020.

A brief survey has been developed to assist SLED in understanding how to best deliver the training, instruction and assessment so that we can determine the requirements for the new NSW Security Licence Course.  The survey closes on 30 May 2019 and can be accessed here.

Industry stakeholders are invited to submit any additional feedback to SLEDRTOS@police.nsw.gov.au

January 2019

Newly appointed SLED Advisory Council representatives.

Industry representative members for the next two year term of the SLED Advisory Council have been selected by a vote of the outgoing industry representatives with appointment being effective from January 2019.

A list of the newly appointed members is available via the SLED Advisory Council link on this site.