There are numerous options available to support you regardless of what stage in your rehabilitation you are at. Transitioning officers generally require support in line with one of the following pathways. Your Injury Management Advisor or EML Case Manager can assist you with a range of services depending on your needs through this time, offering a range of the following services:

1. Wellness Support

Individuals who remain quite symptomatic and require ongoing assistance in the form of treatment and support.

2. Career Transition Support

Individuals who are doing ok but are unsure about their options upon leaving NSWPF.

EML can arrange recognition of prior learning and training courses to build upon your existing skills.

Individuals who have a good idea about what they want to do next and just need some help with things like formalising qualifications, resume writing and applying for jobs.

Contact your Case Manager who will talk you through the services best suited to your needs.

Other Services Available for You

Wellbeing Support Services