SLED has a Training Regulation team (TRT) who implement an auditing program. All team members hold at a minimum the TAE40116 Certificate IV in training and assessment and come with a mix of industry experience across related industry sectors and as well as highly regarded vocational education experience.

Auditors conduct regular audits of Approved Organisations (AO) and their trainers to ensure the training, assessment and instruction they’re providing meets the high standards and regulatory requirements SLED has set.

SLED auditors have a range of powers they can use to assist them in their audits.

For more information about these powers, see the SLED Enforcement Officer Powers page.

During these audits, the auditors ensure the AO and the trainers are complying with the rules set out in the Security Industry Act 1997 and SLED’s NSW Security Licence Course Conditions of Approval.

If they find a trainer or an AO has breached the legislation or the conditions, the Auditors use a graduated enforcement model to determine what action should be taken.

Graduated enforcement model

For minor breaches where there is no history of non-compliance with the legislation, they can provide advice and education and issue warnings and cautions.

For more serious breaches, or where there has been repeated non-compliance, auditors can issue fines or court attendance notices, and can recommend an AO or a trainer lose their approval.