Security trainers play a key role in the development and improvement of the NSW security industry.

To ensure all security graduates receive quality training that properly prepares them for their security career, SLED approves all security trainers.

Prospective trainers must hold a Class 2D security licence and are nominated as Approved Trainers (AT) by the Approved Organisation (AO) wishing to employ them.

SLED then carries out probity checks and ensures the nominated trainer has completed the required training and has the mandatory industry and Vocational Education and Training experience.

SLED conducts regular audits to ensure ATs are complying with the conditions of approval and providing a high-quality security education.

If an AT wants to move to a different AO, the new AO must nominate them, and the approval process is repeated.

For more information about becoming an Approved Trainer, click here to see the How to become an Approved Trainer Fact Sheet.