You can add or remove a subclass from your licence via Service NSW.

Please ensure you attach copies of the required training documents if you’re adding any of the following subclasses to your existing licence:

  • 1A (Security Officer)
  • 1B (Bodyguard)
  • 1C (Cash-in-Transit Guard)
  • 1D (Guard Dog Handler)
  • 1F (Armed Guard)
  • 2A (Security Consultant)
  • 2D (Security Trainer)
  • 2E (Private Investigator)

You can find more information about security training requirements here on our website.

There are no qualifications required to add the 1E (Monitoring Centre Operator), 2B (Security Seller) and 2C (Security Equipment Specialist) subclasses.

If you are unable to change your licence subclasses online, you can use the P645 Amend, vary or replace an existing Class1 and/or Class 2 licence form (PDF) and mail it to SLED.

You can use this form to request multiple changes at the same time. Be sure to include any relevant supporting documents with your complete application form when you lodge your request.

Send your application form via post to:

Security Licensing & Enforcement Directorate
Locked bag 5099
Parramatta NSW 2124

You can also change your address online via Service NSW.