To amend or vary an individual Master licence use the P1121 form (PDF).

Fill in all your business details at the top of the form. Only include a registered business name if this is applicable to your business.

Then indicate the reason for your application by ticking the relevant box. You can choose more than one option.

  • Upgrade your licence subclass – change the maximum number of operatives you can provide through your Master licence.
  • Change your name – your name must first be updated on the Australian Business Register
  • Change your business address and/or contact details – please note, you can also update your address and/or contact details by emailing your full licence details, including your new address to
  • Change, add and/or delete a business name - the business name must be registered to the same ABN that is attached to your Master licence
  • Change the ABN – only applicable to ABNs issued to an individual/partnership
  • Change the name of a close associate on the Master licence
  • Add a close associate to the Master licence
  • Delete a close associate from the Master licence
  • Request a replacement Master licence certificate with no changes

Please note: Ensure all relevant sections are completed to avoid delays in the processing of your application. The fee for a combination of amendments (apart from a licence upgrade) is $65.

Send your application form via email to OR via post to:

Security Licensing & Enforcement Directorate
Locked bag 5099
Parramatta NSW 2124