22 October 2018

Approved classes of retail outlets.

Section 4 of the Security Industry Act 1997 (the Act) prescribes that certain retail outlets do not require a security licence for a range of transactions involving "basic household or automotive security items".

The following classes of retail outlets are "approved classes of retail outlets" for the purposes of the Act:

  1. physical stores at which customers can self-select their desired item, pay for it at a cashier and leave with the item to independently arrange its installation; and
  2. online retailers who provide a facility for customers to purchase items over the internet, without engagement with a salesperson, and who arrange delivery of the item to the customer via third party agents (for example, couriers or Australia Post)

What sort of transactions can these retail outlets engage in?

  • These retail outlets can sell,
  • provide advice about, and
  • act as an agent for the supply of basic household or automotive security items.

What are basic household or automotive security items?

These are:

(a) items ordinarily used for basic household security and capable of being installed by the owner or occupier, including:

  • doors and grilles,
  • door and window locks,
  • padlocks,
  • portable safes weighting not more than 50 kilograms, or
  • other electronic or mechanical security items (other than items that are ordinarily installed, maintained or serviced by or on behalf of the supplier of the item)

(b) items designed to minimise the possibility of motor vehicle theft, including a vehicle immobiliser, vehicle alarm or GPS tracking device.

17 September 2018

Security Licensing & Enforcement Directorate (SLED) Advisory Council.

SLED is currently seeking nominations from suitably qualified persons for appointment to the SLED Advisory Council until December 2020. A maximum of 10 industry representatives will be selected to represent the diversity of the industry.

Industry representative members will be selected by a vote of the outgoing industry representatives at the end of their current term of membership of the Council which ends in December 2018.

Details of past meetings, including discussion papers and Communiqués (meeting summaries), can be accessed via the SLED Advisory Council webpage.

To submit an expression of interest, please complete the application form below, which must be received by the SLED no later than 16 November 2018.