Apply online via Service NSW and attach all necessary documentation when requested.

Once your application is submitted:

  1. SLED will contact you with instructions to visit a police station to have your finger/palmprints taken, or to request further information to be provided to support your application. Note: You don’t have to provide your fingerprints if previously provided for a NSW security, CAPI or tattoo licence.
  2. Once you receive your fingerprint letter you have 42 days to have your fingerprints taken. If you don't provide your qualifications on the day you apply, you have 42 days from the day you lodged your application to provide them to SLED. If you receive a request for any other information, you have 14 days to provide the requested information to SLED. If you don’t have your fingerprints taken or provide the required information within these timeframes your application will be refused.
  3. SLED will conduct a probity assessment, to determine your suitability to be granted a NSW security licence.
  4. If your licence is granted you will receive a Photograph Advice letter via email.
  5. You have 60 days to take the Photograph Advice letter to a Service NSW centre to have your photograph taken.
  6. Your licence card will be sent to you by post. Make sure you have provided your current address to SLED.
  7. If your application is refused, you will receive a letter explaining the reason/s and the appeals process. For more information, see the Refusal, Revocation and Right of Review page.

If SLED needs to contact you to get further information or to chase up missing documents, your application will be delayed.

Important: make sure your name, address and contact details are correct on all documentation submitted with your application. Also make sure that Service NSW and Transport for NSW have your current address and contact details on file. If your contact details are incorrect or out of date you may miss important information SLED will send you as part of your application.

SLED uses SMS and emails to communicate with applicants throughout the application process. We recommend you regularly check your spam folder and add SLED ( to your contacts to ensure you don’t miss out on important information.

If you are unable to apply online, click here for SLED’s application forms. Please be aware, postal timeframes and manual data entry can result in applications lodged via mail being delayed by several weeks.