There are four subclasses, and you can hold more than one subclass at a time.

  • Class 2A Security Consultant – work as a security adviser or consultant, identifying and analysing security risks and selling solutions and strategies to minimise these risks
  • Class 2B Security Seller –
    • Sell security equipment and provide advice on its use. You are not licensed to install, maintain or repair security equipment
    • Receive payment for referring a client to another licensed security operator
    • Negotiate or obtain contracts to supply security equipment or security operatives to carry on security activity
    • Be paid to negotiate contracts on someone else’s behalf to carry on security activity
  • Class 2C Security Equipment Specialist – sell, install, maintain, repair, service and provide advice in relation to security equipment. This includes electronic security equipment like CCTV cameras and alarm systems and barrier equipment like fencing and security roller doors. You can also work as a locksmith
  • Class 2D Security Trainer – provide training, assessment or instruction in relation to any security activity. This does not include training, assessment or instruction in the use of firearms.
  • Class 2E Private Investigator – work as a private investigator carrying on investigation and/or surveillance activities.