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IAU Reference No. Date of decision Subject Type of release
(PDF, 222.2 KB)
05/02/2014 Legal Actions for Breaches of Selected parts of the Liquor Act and Liquor Regulations in 2013 Full Release
(PDF, 30.7 KB)
09/04/2014 Accidents on Hume Highway between Hoxton Park Road and Camden Valley Way 2011-2013 Full Release
(PDF, 26.1 KB)
15/04/2014 Information Requests to NSW Based Toll Agencies Full Release
(PDF, 511.8 KB)
17/06/2014 Information in relation to Incidents of Stealing in Aged Care Homes as at 26/5/2014 Full Release
(PDF, 50.3 KB)
25/06/2014 Skye’s Law Charges and Convictions as at 26/3/2014 Full Release
(PDF, 45.3 KB)
16/07/2014 Legal Actions for Use Unregistered Class A Vehicle by Year Full Release
(PDF, 21.7 KB)
21/08/2014 Statistics Regarding Officers who have been suspended or charged Full Release
(PDF, 280.5 KB)
08/10/2014 Number of Incident Notification Reports recorded between 1/7/11 & 30/6/2013 with cause Contact with bodily fluids, saliva or human bites Full Release
(PDF, 280.4 KB)
06/11/2014 Number of Individuals issued with Infringement Notices for smoking on Public Transport in NSW , Newcastle LAC & Lake Macquarie LAC for the period 1/11/2013-30/10/2014 Full Release
(PDF, 207.4 KB)
11/11/2014 Statistics detailing number of pursuits with injuries and facilities from 1/1/2011 to 28/10/2014 Full Release
(PDF, 233.9 KB)
14/11/2014 Firearms Licence suspension, refusal and revocation in relation to Apprehended Violence Orders Full Release
(PDF, 2.2 MB)
11/12/2014 Ronalds Report Inquiry into Sexual Harassment and Sex Descrimination in the NSW Police 22 December 2006 Full Release
(PDF, 8.1 MB)
13/12/2014 PCA Offences by LAC, Suburb & Street 2011-2013 Full Release