Shooting Range

A shooting range is an area, provided with a firing line, targets and a stop butt for the controlled practice of shooting and is inclusive of the range danger area template.

Approved Shooting Range

An approved shooting range is a shooting range, as defined above, for which the Commissioner of Police has granted an approval pursuant to Part 8 of the Firearms Regulation 2017.

Shooting ranges in NSW are approved by the Firearms Registry under the following legislation:

Range Danger Area Template

A range danger area includes those areas of land or water, together with specified air space, within which danger to life, limb or property may occur arising from the firing of specified ammunition.

Permissive Shooting Rights

Permissive shooting rights is written permission, provided by the legal owner of the land or other person legally authorised to give this permission, for range personnel to have access to and conduct activities relating to the use of the shooting range.

Local Consent Authority

Range Approvals

The requirements and process to make application for approval of a shooting range are provided in detail in the Firearms Registry publication 'Range Users Guide'.

All applicants must read and familiarise themselves with the contents of the Range User Guide prior to making application. Application is made by completing a P512 "Application for Approval of a Shooting Range or Mobile Gallery" form which is available upon request from the Range Unit of the Firearms Registry.

Mobile ranges and Shooting Galleries such as those ranges that operate at local and agricultural shows are approved separately and require an inspection by NSW Licensing Police before an application for approval can be processed.

Right of Review

Each Range Approval is issued with information on the Right of Review.

Shooting Range Inspections

Inspections by NSW Police or other approved persons are carried out prior to initial approval to confirm compliance. Inspections are then conducted on a three (3) yearly rotational basis to ensure compliance is maintained and to furnish range management with the latest information on range safety, guidelines and practices.

There may be occasions where a special inspection is required and that can be arranged through the General Manager, Firearms Registry.

For further information, contact the Firearms Registry Range Unit email: marked "Attention Range Inspector".