What is a Suspension?

A suspension is a temporary holding for a licence or permit which prohibits the possession and use of firearms during the specified suspension period. A suspension is used when there is a mandatory requirement under the firearms and prohibited weapons legislation, or when there is a critical or urgent need, for reason of public safety, to prevent a person's access to firearms or prohibited weapons until the matter can be resolved.

What is a Refusal?

Certain criminal history may prevent a person from obtaining a firearms licence in NSW or from having their existing licence or permit re-issued. A refusal applies to a new application or renewal. Any firearms/prohibited weapons held under the existing licence or permit must be surrendered to police as the person is no longer authorised to possess or use firearms/prohibited weapons.

What is a Revocation?

Certain criminal behaviour may prevent a person from continuing to hold a firearms licence or permit in NSW. A revocation applies to an existing licence or permit. Once a licence or permit has been revoked the person is no longer authorised to possess or use firearms/prohibited weapons. All firearms/prohibited weapons must be surrendered to police.

What is an Internal Review?

Certain decisions made by an administrator are reviewable decisions as prescribed by section 75 of the Firearms Act 1996 & section 35 of the Weapons Prohibition Act 1998. Where a person is not happy with a decision made by an administrator at the Firearms Registry, and that decision is a reviewable decision, the person may request that an Internal Review of the decision is conducted by the Case Management Unit of the Firearms Registry. For further information on reviewable decisions, please see the FACT Sheets below:

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