Firearms Collection Genuine Reason

This genuine reason applies to a person who collects firearms as a current member of a collectors' society or collectors' club approved by the Commissioner of Police. The collection must have a proven genuine commemorative, historical, thematic or financial value.

A Firearm Collector licence allows for the possession of firearms only, not their use.

In addition, there are specific requirements for the storage of firearms forming part of the collection. Section 20(e) of the Firearms Act 1996 and clause 36 of the Firearms Regulation 2017 provide further information on the requirements which must be met for safe storage of firearms kept as a firearms collection. There is also a FACT Sheet 'Safe Storage Level 9 - Firearms Collector' available on the Safe Storage page.

NOTE: This licence does not authorise the collection of ammunition. For information on collection of ammunition see Ammunition Collection Permit.

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