Are you moving to NSW?

If you are an interstate firearms licence holder moving to NSW, you must make application for a firearms licence in this state AND register all your firearms to your NSW firearms licence.

You can request application forms by filling in an online form. The 'Online Firearms Licence Application' link below will direct you to a webpage where an online form is available and further details in relation to this process is contained.

The FACT Sheet below provides additional information in relation to interstate residents moving to NSW.

Are you moving interstate?

To hold a firearms licence in NSW, you must be a resident of NSW.

If you move interstate, you must obtain a firearms licence in your new state of residence AND register all your firearms to your interstate licence. To continue to store your firearms in NSW you must become licensed and have your firearms registered in your new state of residence. Once licensed you must also apply for a Permit for Storage of Firearms in NSW (see below).

Are you the holder of an interstate firearms licence and wish to store firearms in NSW?

An interstate resident who is authorised to possess and use firearms in their state of residence can apply to store firearms registered to their interstate firearms licence in NSW on a permanent basis. The following link will direct you to a webpage which contains application forms and further information relating to this permit.

Additional Information