Firearms, Firearm Parts and Ammunition (B709DA)

Application can be made by a NSW Firearms Dealer to enable the ongoing importation of certain firearms, firearm parts and ammunition.

Completion of the below electronic form is required by the NSW Firearms Dealer.

Once the form is completed electronically, print and sign the form and return it to the Firearms Registry (email preferred) for approval.

Non-Restricted Weapons (B709X)

Our B709X has been withdrawn and will no longer be available for use by individuals and businesses importing the following weapons:

  • Daggers and similar devices (excluding swords and bayonets)
  • Throwing blades, knives and axes

Please use the B709B Prohibited Weapons ancillary page if you are seeking to import these types of bladed weapons.

You should allow a minimum of 28 business days for processing of your B709B application.

Additional Contacts