Why do I need to obtain a B709 Import Certificate?

Department of Immigration and Border Protection will not allow certain items to be released on arrival in NSW unless they have confirmation from the New South Wales Police Force that the person is authorised to possess the firearm or article in NSW.

What if I am uncertain of whether or not I need to get a B709 Certificate when importing an item?

You can contact the Department of Immigration and Border Protection to confirm whether the item needs police certification - www.border.gov.au

Telephone Number: 1300 363 263 or when outside Australia: +6106275 6666.

Enquiries: www.border.gov.au/about/contact/make-enquiry

Department of Immigration and Border Protection fact sheets relating to the importation of firearms and weapons can be accessed at http://www.border.gov.au/Busi/Impo/Proh/Firearms-and-weapons

Do I have to nominate a NSW licensed firearms dealer?

If the firearms you are importing are unregistered, you must nominate a NSW licensed firearms dealer to pick the firearm up on your behalf from Customs. In this case the B709 Certificate will be posted to the firearms dealer

If I am importing an unregistered firearm, do I have to lodge a Permit to Acquire a Firearm (PTA) Application?

Yes, if you are importing unregistered firearms, your B709 Certification will not be approved until you have lodged the PTA with the Firearms Registry for the firearm you are importing.

Can I import firearm parts?

Yes, you can, but you must indicate on the form whether the part is a replacement part, or an additional part for a firearm already in your possession.

Why do I need to provide information on the reason for importation of firearm parts?

Because the only firearms licence which authorises a person to manufacture or repair firearms is a firearms dealer licence. If you are an individual importing parts, NSW Police must be confident that you are importing them as replacements or additional items to a firearm already registered to you.

What if I am a competitor and I am returning to NSW after an international competition?

If you are a competitor and you are returning to Australia with firearms already registered to you in NSW, then you simply need a B709 Certification so that Customs know you are authorised to possess the firearms in NSW. In this case, the B709 Certificate will be sent directly to you and you must present the certificate to Customs before they will release your firearms.