The Firearms Registry Consultative Council (Firearms Council) has been established to create a forum for the regular exchange of information and ideas between those involved in firearms regulation and the NSW Police Force on issues relevant to firearms regulation and public safety.

The Council is a non-statutory body established to identify and discuss opportunities to:

  • Address improvements of and barriers to effective firearm regulation
  • Improve compliance with legislative requirements
  • Collaborate on initiatives and campaigns targeting, or relating to, various firearm matters
  • Share feedback about the Firearms Registry and activities within the firearm sector

The inaugural meeting of the Firearms Council was held in April 2021.

Council Membership

NSW Police Force

  • Chairperson - Assistant Commissioner, Police Prosecutions and Licensing Enforcement Command PPLEC)
  • Commander, Firearms Registry
  • Manager, Operations & Policy, Firearms Registry
  • Director, Legislation & Policy Branch, Office of the Commissioner

Firearm Sector Membership, including:

  • NSW Peak Firearm Associations
  • National advocacy or industry groups
  • Museum or collecting groups
  • Firearm dealer industry
  • Primary producer industry groups
  • Gun control, victim services, public health, legal advocates

Term of membership

The term of membership for firearm sector representatives is two years. Firearm sector members are not eligible for consecutive terms as Council members.

How are Council members selected?

The selection of firearm sector members for Firearms Registry Consultative Council membership is based on the following criteria:

  • the nominee’s relevant expertise and experience
  • the nominee’s active participation in, and commitment to, firearm regulation
  • the nominee’s willingness to seek and represent the views of other participants
  • how the nominee has demonstrated their personal commitment to improving the operation of the firearm regulatory regime
  • any other relevant skills, qualities and/or qualifications they possess

Gender equity and member diversity will be taken into account in keeping with the Department of Premier and Cabinet’s Appointment Standards Boards and Committees in the NSW Public Sector July 2013. This document is available at

Contact the Council

Attn: The Secretariat
Firearms Registry Consultative Council
Locked Bag 5102
Parramatta NSW 2124