Completion of P650 Declaration –

Unlicensed person shooting on an Approved Range to undertake an approved Firearms Safety Training Course

A new process has been implemented to allow the Firearms Registry to provide applicants the ability to submit an application for a Firearms Permit if they have answered yes to the Question (a) under Section B of the P650 Declaration form - “Have you in NSW or elsewhere been refused or prohibited from holding a firearms licence or permit or had a firearms licence or permit suspended, cancelled or revoked?”

If approved for issue, the permit will authorise a person, in the above circumstance only, to undertake an approved firearms safety course on an approved Range within NSW.

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Interstate Clubs

The Firearms Regulation 2017 (NSW) allows for the NSW Firearms Registry to approve interstate clubs as principal clubs for NSW licence holders. The relevant clause was drafted with the intent to permit NSW firearms licence holders to undertake shooting activities at clubs operating near or on the borders rather than travelling long distances to a NSW club.

The NSW Police Force has no concerns about NSW licence holders joining interstate clubs as associate members or participating in activities at interstate clubs; however, if a licence holder declares an interstate club as their principal club it falls outside of our regulatory jurisdiction for auditing and compliance requirements.

Nothing stops an individual licence holder from belonging to an interstate club in addition to their principal club for ease of access to a range or competition.

The NSW Firearms Registry is currently rolling out a digital platform to manage reporting requirements of clubs and the inclusion of interstate clubs with reporting requirements presents a number of added and significant challenges.

The Firearms Registry has been in consultation with interstate clubs about these issues and has only cancelled approvals of clubs that have agreed they no longer see the need for NSW approval.

If for some reason an interstate club were to disagree with a NSW Firearms Registry decision to cancel their approval, there are appeal mechanisms that can be employed by the club via internal review and external review to the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal.

What is direct supervision?

Direct supervision must not exceed a ratio of one unlicensed person to one licensed supervisor.

The licensed supervisor must be present at the firing line and not leave whilst shooting activities are being undertaken by the unlicensed person.

The unlicensed person must at all times be in the direct line of sight of the licensed supervisor and the licensed supervisor must at all times be ready and able to give directions and render immediately assistance to the unlicensed person.

The licensed supervisor must personally convey the firearm and ammunition to be used by the unlicensed person from its place of storage to the firing line.

The licensed supervisor must personally convey the firearm and ammunition from the firing line to the place of storage upon the conclusion of shooting activities.

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