Possible Impact of Income Protection Payments on Salary Deductions

When an officer commences Income Protection (IP) benefits, they will receive a reduced or no salary from NSWPF depending on their circumstances. This will impact existing salary deductions.

The IP payments will be made at the rate of 75% of salary (defined as base pay plus 17% loading) for non-commissioned officers or 75% of award salary for commissioned officers. Income from other personal exertion may also be taken into account. In the case of on duty benefits, NSWPF will only pay the Workers Compensation statutory rate to officers. Officers will be placed on Leave Without Pay or Sick leave Without Pay for off duty benefits.

The insurance provider has advised that they will not be making deductions, apart from income tax, from the income protection payments to the affected officer.

Cases may occur where an officer does not have enough funds available from their NSWPF pay to meet their deduction obligations.

Affected officers are advised that before they commence on income protection benefits, they should consider making alternative arrangements for all deductions.

Affected officers will also be responsible for making alternative arrangements where there are insufficient funds to meet their election to split their pay across additional bank accounts. These deductions may include, but are not limited to:

  • Death & Disability
  • Garnishee orders
  • Salary sacrifice (superannuation, motor vehicles)
  • Centrelink / Child support
  • Health funds
  • Provident fund
  • Additional tax
  • Union fees
  • Police Service Council of Sport
  • Police Journal
  • Police Citizens' Youth Club
  • Charity organisations
  • Disciplinary penalty

For enquiries regarding financial planning support:

Aware Super Financial Services
Telephone: 1800 620 305
Internet: https://aware.com.au/

You may also refer to the following contacts if you have further enquiries:

Superannuation and deductions

Payroll Services, Shared Services
Telephone: (02) 8835 8400

Income Protection Team, Shared Services
Telephone: (02) 8835 8411


This document is produced by the NSW Police Force and the information contained herein is of a general nature. It is not designed to address an individual’s specific circumstances. All benefits described above are subject to the terms contained in the relevant insurance policy documents. While every effort has been taken to ensure the information is complete and accurate at the date this document is produced, the information may be subject to change.