The NSWPF Mental Health Intervention Team (MHIT) has consolidated itself at the forefront of policing and mental health in Australia and New Zealand and continues to evolve to meet the complex challenges posed by mental health and suicide prevention issues.

NSW Health - NSW Police Force Memorandum of Understanding 2018

The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) has been updated to reflect the amended Mental Health Act 2007 No 8. In addition, NSW Health and NSW Police Force agreed to broaden the MOU beyond people with a mental illness or mental disorder. The MOU now includes a section on patients in police custody who are brought to a health facility and a section on the management of public safety issues in health facilities.

The MOU sets out the principles to guide how staff from NSW Health and NSW Police will work together when responding to and delivering care and treatment to people accessing these services. It provides a framework that focusses on interagency cooperation to deliver care to patients in a safe environment. The MOU promotes a flexible, solution focussed approach to decision-making to provide for the wellbeing and safety of the patient and the safety of staff involved in their care.

Message from Secretary, NSW Health and NSW Police Commissioner (PDF, 265 kb)

NSW Health – NSW Police Force Memorandum of Understanding 2018 (PDF, 889 kb)