Location: Sanders Room, Auburn Council
Date and Time: Thursday 30th March 2017, 10.00am – 11.15am

In attendance

  • Phillip Rogerson – Commander Flemington Local Area Command
  • Jim Dickson –  Crime Prevention Officer Flemington Local Area Command
  • Alyssa Muscat- Community Safety and Youth Officer – Strathfield Council
  • Yvonne Yun- Community Services Manager – Strathfield Council
  • Brooke Endycott – Manager Community Development Unit – Cumberland Council
  • Teresa Russo– Community Safety and Youth Officer – Cumberland Council
  • Viv May – Administrator – Cumberland Council
  • Michael Wojcik – Roads and Lighting engineer – Cumberland Council
  • Pamela Davies – Auburn Library – Cumberland Council
  • Haley Rennie - Events – Strathfield Council
  • Naomi Searle – Events – Strathfield Council


  • Kelly McGuiness – Crime Coordinator Flemington Local Area Command
  • Paul Arnold – Crime Manager- Flemington Local Area Command
  • Gerard Moon – Children Services – Auburn City Council
  • Merryn Howell – Community Development Team leader
  • Linda Boustani – Cumberland Council
  • Brooke Endycott- Manager Community Development Unit – Cumberland Council

Agenda Items

Agenda Item 1 & 2 – Discussed by Commander Rogerson

  • Chairperson welcomed everyone to the meeting.
  • The minutes were accepted as a true and accurate record of the meeting and are to be posted on the intranet for the information of NSW Police personnel.
  • Resource issues discussed:
    • Currently station nearly at full strength.
    • Highway Patrol also work from Flemington LAC.
    • Inspectors at full strength.
    • Current Inspector who is charge of mental health Mr Glasgow.
    • Flemington Police meet with Cumberland and Concord mental health regularly.
    • 15 sergeants at Flemington. Full strength.
    • Crime Management Unit working well full strength. Plus have backup staff to assist.
    • Pro active team working well lead by two experienced sergeants who target break and enter offences.
    • Detectives 4 new sergeants.
    • Upgrades to Police Station completed.

Agenda Item 3 – Crime Report by Crime Manager Mr Arnold

Crime stats/categories discussed with CSPC members:

  • Both Auburn and Strathfield LGAs significant crime drop achieved targets.
  • Robbery offences down by 70%.
  • Break and enter offences down. Slight rise in Auburn LGA.
  • Garages included in break and enter offences. 4 POIs females believed to be offenders.
  • Assaults steady – non domestic.
  • Domestic violence steady.
  • CALD Community encouraged to report domestic violence.
  • Flemington Police currently have 4 domestic violence officers.
  • DVEK working well for Police increased prosecution of domestic violence offenders.
  • New Commissioner to be appointed 31st March 2017.

Agenda Item 4 – General Business

  • Mr Rogerson – Thanked both Councils regarding support given to Flemington Police.
  • Mr Rogerson - Thanked Cumberland Council for CCTV upgrades.
  • S/Cst Dickson- Thanked Linda Boustani and Michael Wojcik for their support and work. Regarding CCTV assessments, care register and lighting audits completed.
  • S/Cst Dickson- Thanked Alyssa Muscat and Yvonne Yun for arranging community engagement events and presentations to the elderly.
  • Yvonne Yun - Advised 3 community safety audits to be conducted. Areas to be completed Gould St Strathfield South, Homebush West Shopping Centre and Strathfield Raw Square.
  • Yvonne Yun - Advised development officers are looking at ways to increase upgrade garage security and letterbox security re new development applications.
  • Yvonne Yun – Advised upcoming Safety Expo will be held on the 29th April 2017. And Community BBQ to be held on the 8th April.
  • Teresa Russo- Cumberland Council to expand CCTV. Interested in attending next Principal Forum.
  • Pamela Davies – Encouraged Police to do Police walk throughs at 3-6pm in Auburn Library.
  • Michael Wojcik – Advised upgrades of lighting of Holiday Lane Auburn.

Meeting Closed at 11.00am.

Next Meeting to be advised.