School Liaison Police

The role of the School Liaison Police (SLP) is to ‘Increase the positive relationships and remove barriers between the school
community and police’. This is facilitated by developing programs and activities that involve students understanding the law, police role and their responsibilities to the community.

School Liaison Police are here to work with you and your school community to address issues that may be of particular interest to your school as well as general issues relating to incidence of crime that are taking place in the local and school community. Find out more about School Liaison Police

Schools at a glance

Find out the rules for school at the NSW Department of Education

School Safe - Resources for Primary School Children

This program aims to help children identify the safe adults in their community, as well as safe places to go when they are lost, feeling unsafe or frightened or are in danger. Other goals include enabling children to develop their own personal safety strategies, to respect their bodies
and their personal space, to feel empowered with the ability to say NO and seek help when they feel unsafe or unsure, and to have the confidence to tell a trusted adult if they are being harmed in any way. Download the School Safe resource booklet

Emergency Helpers Program

NSW Ambulance, in consultation with NSW Police Force and Fire and Rescue NSW have developed a free electronic Emergency Helpers Program to assist you in the education of children between 3-5 years. Download the Emergency Helpers resource booklet