The NSW Police Force encourage pedestrians to take responsibility for their own safety by using crossings, obeying road rules and being aware of their surroundings.

Extra caution should be exercised in areas of high vehicle and pedestrian concentration such as near train stations, bus stops and in CBD areas.

Pedestrians are advised to:

  • Obey signals at crossings (penalty applies for failure to do so);
  • Always cross at a pedestrian crossing if one is available (penalty applies for failure to do so);
  • Never assume a driver has seen you or intends to stop;
  • Never cross a road while using headphones or mobile phones;
  • Always hold the hands of children when crossing the road.

Motorists are advised to obey all speed and road rules and to pay particular care around restricted speed zones, and to be vigilant with pedestrians - increased penalties apply for offences committed in school zones.Be extra cautious when using mobile phones and portable media players

Members of the public are advised to exercise caution when using mobile phones and portable media players, as they pose a potential safety risk when they distract pedestrians from their surrounding environment.

Recent growth in the use of portable media players and mobile phone usage has led to a need for greater awareness amongst both pedestrians and motorists to ensure these new technologies don?t lead to a rise in pedestrian accidents.


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Stop, Look, Listen postcard for pedestrian safety

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