Your challenge as a parent is "How do I handle my child's Internet access without over-reacting or under-reacting?" It is a question of balance. You should know that Law Enforcement responds, on a daily basis, to issues including:

Child Pornography - images depicting the sexual exploitation of children are illegal. Predators frequently use these images in an attempt to lure children into participating in this type of activity.

Unauthorized Disclosure - while the capability exists to share information quickly, we all need to keep in mind that e-mail is not a secure means of communication.

Hacking - is unauthorized access into a computer network.

Harassment/Stalking - the computer provides access to many people and many sites provide details on people. No one wants to receive a distressing message from someone they don't know. Report it.

Hate Crimes and Violence - the Internet and World Wide Web provide the opportunity for everyone who has a personal opinion, regardless of content, to spread their message. Disturbed individuals use this medium to post their philosophy, and to communicate with those who agree by linking them together through e-mail, chat rooms, or hyperlink.


Discuss with your child about sharing personal and private information over the Internet