As the prevalence of mobile devices increases, so does the temptation for thieves to target these devices. The same features that enable your phone/tablet to access the web, also leaves it open to attacks from malware and hackers. You should treat your mobile device just like you would a home computer or wallet.

An unsecured device can lead to the loss of:

  • Passwords
  • Banking details
  • Emails
  • Personal photographs

How can you protect your mobile device?

  • Enable PIN
  • Set up your device to lock automatically after a period of inactivity
  • Only browse reputable websites
  • Only install reputable apps (Read user reviews)
  • Limit third party apps access to personal information
  • Never click 'pop-up' links
  • Check bill for irregularities
  • Only use secured Wi-Fi connections
  • Install anti-theft or loss app such as ‘Find My Phone’
  • Know where your phone is at all times. This limits the chances of unauthorised use
  • Never store personal information such as banking details or social media passwords on the device

What to do if my mobile device is lost/stolen?

  • Contact service provider to suspend your service
  • Make a report to local police quoting IMEI number
  • If you have tracking software installed on your device, let the police know. Often, apps such as 'Find My Phone' can help locate a mobile device that has been lost or stolen.

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