Browser - software to look at Internet sites.

Bulletin Board - an on-line meeting place to post messages, upload and download files, and exchange information.

Carding - (slang) Obtaining or using illegally obtained credit cards.

Chat - software that permits real-time communication on the Internet. It can also be done on commercial sites. Chatting usually involves nicknames or pseudonyms.

Cookie - small amount of data put on your browser from web sites you visit. This cookie tells the service provider the type of news, and information you are interested in. It also provides your User ID to the web site.

Crack - (slang) remove copy protections from commercial software to "crack" a password using a software program and electronic dictionary.

E-Mail - electronic message sent from one person to another on the computer. Most e-mail is capable of sending attachments.

Fake Mail - (slang) intended to trick recipient into believing it was sent by a person other then the actual sender.

FTP - File transfer protocol. Program to transfer files.

Hacker - (slang) not necessarily a negative term. One who learns about computers by trial and error.

Home Page - another term for Web page. Usually contains information specific to an individual or establishment.

HTML - Format for creating documents on World Wide Web.

Internet - millions of computer networks connected together to permit communication with each other.

IRC - Internet Relay Chat. A multi-user chat facility which can be used by groups or individuals in "private" sessions. Users can chat without providing personal information, about any topic of interest.

ISP - Internet Service Provider. Someone who provides access to the Internet, usually for a fee.

Modem - device that connects your computer, via phone line, to the Internet.

News Group - name for discussion groups on USENET

Piracy - copying and use of computer programs in violation of copyright and trade secrets laws.

URL - Universal Resource Locator that shows what your online electronic address. (ex.

Warez - (slang) Contraction which refers to pirated (stolen) software or games.