Apply for a Master licence here.

You will need:

  • a MyServiceNSW Account in the name of your licence application
  • copies of two types of acceptable identification documents
  • a Nomination of Premises Manager form (PDF) (if applicable)
  • a separate Close Associate Consent form (PDF) completed by each close associate (if applicable) accompanied by three acceptable forms of identification for each close associate
  • details of all employees and contractors
  • your application fee.

If you cannot apply online, please contact SLED on 1300 362 001.

Once your application has been submitted and processed SLED will contact you with instructions to visit a NSW police station to have your finger/palmprints taken, or to request further information to be provided to support your application.

Note: you don’t have to provide your fingerprints if previously provided for a NSW security, CAPI or tattoo licence.

Once you receive your fingerprint letter you have 42 days to have your fingerprints taken.

You will receive your Master licence card and a Licensing Information Certificate in the post once your application has been granted.

Master licensees will also be issued a Licence Information Certificate that must be conspicuously displayed at the licensed premises.