Lodging a Report of Non-Compliance with SLED

SLED is responsible for administering the Security Industry Act 1997 and the Security Industry Regulation 2016. SLED will assess all reports of non-compliance received regarding the security industry. Matters requiring further action will be referred to the relevant team within SLED's Industry Regulation Unit for appropriate compliance and enforcement action.

All non-compliance reports received by SLED will be treated confidentially. You may lodge a report of non-compliance anonymously.

SLED investigates criminal matters that fall under the Security Industry Act 1997 and the Security Industry Regulation 2016. If your report relates to a criminal matter outside of the legislation, or if you have any concerns regarding your safety or well-being, you should report the matter immediately to your local police station.

What SLED does not investigate:

Nature of Complaint Where you should report it
Criminal matters including but not limited to: assault, fraud, drugs, etc Your local police station
Regions, Commands, and Districts
Tax evasion
Failure to pay superannuation        

Australian Taxation Office


Office of State Revenue email: compliance@osr.nsw.gov.au

Cash or under-Award payments
Failure to pay penalties rates
Fair Work Ombudsman https://www.fairwork.gov.au/workplace-problems/fixing-a-workplace-problem/get-our-help-with-your-workplace-issue
Dissatisfaction with the service of a security business NSW Fair Trading 

You can report non-compliance with the Security Act and Regulation by using our online form.