There are criminal offences prescribed in security industry legislation that automatically exclude you from entering the security industry.

You cannot be granted a security licence if you have been convicted of a prescribed offence in the past 10 years or found guilty with no conviction recorded within the past five years.

Offences that automatically disqualify an applicant include those involving:

  • Violence, fraud, dishonesty or stealing
  • Robbery
  • Riot or affray
  • Stalking or intimidation
  • Terrorism
  • Possession or use of a firearm or other weapon
  • Prohibited drugs, prohibited plants, psychoactive substances or prescribed restricted substances
  • Organised criminal groups.

The following offences apply to Class 2E (Private Investigator) licence holders only:

  • an offence under the Surveillance Devices Act 2007, Part 2, or a similar offence under the law of another Australian jurisdiction
  • an offence under the Telecommunications (Interception and Access) Act 1979 of the Commonwealth

Existing licence holders will have their licence revoked if they are found guilty of a prescribed offence.

Further details can be found section 16 of the Security Industry Act 1997 and clause 15 of the Security Industry Regulation 2016.