To amend or vary a government agency Master licence use the P1123 form (PDF).

Fill in all your agency details at the top of the form.

Then indicate the reason for your application by ticking the relevant box. You can choose more than one reason if it’s applicable. The fee for a combination of amendments (apart from a licence upgrade) is $65.

  • Upgrade the licence subclass - change the maximum number of operatives that can be provided through the Master licence
  • Change the agency name
  • Change the agency’s business address and/or contact details
  • Change, add and/or delete a business or trading name
  • Change the nominated person on the Master licence
  • Request a replacement Master licence certificate with no changes

Complete the rest of the form taking care to fill in all the relevant details in your chosen sections.

Send your application form via email to OR via post to:

Security Licensing & Enforcement Directorate
Locked bag 5099
Parramatta NSW 2124