All NSW security licences have certain conditions attached to them. These conditions ensure licences are being used appropriately and help SLED to regulate the industry safely and fairly.

Class 1 licence conditions:

  • You must display your licence at all times when carrying on security activities. Licences must be clearly visible and worn on the front or side of your body at or above the waist on the outside of your clothing.
  • You must be employed or provided by a master licence holder.
  • You must fill out sign-on registers before and after each shift.
  • You must notify SLED within 14 days of any change of particulars including your address, email address and phone number.
  • You must notify SLED within seven days if your licence is lost, destroyed or stolen. You have 14 days to lodge an application for a replacement licence.
  • You must produce your licence for inspection on demand by a police officer or any other member of the NSW Police Force, or any person with whom you have dealings while carrying on any security activity.
  • After you renew your licence, you have 60 days to attend a Service NSW centre to have a new photograph taken.

Class 1F licence holders have additional conditions on their licence:

  • You must wear a recognisable security uniform while carrying on security activities unless you have, and are carrying, a written exemption from the Commissioner of Police.
  • You must comply with all requirements as specified under the Firearms Act 1996.

Penalties may apply, including fines and the suspension or revocation of your licence, if you breach any of your licence conditions.