All NSW security licences have certain conditions attached to them. These conditions ensure licences are being used appropriately and help SLED to regulate the industry safely and fairly.

You may receive a fine if you breach any of your licence conditions. Your licence could also be suspended or revoked.

Breach of licence conditions Maximum fine
Failing to tell Police Assistance Line (131 444) within seven days after a security licence is lost, stolen, destroyed or damaged. $1,100
Delegating your security duties to people who don't hold a security licences. $4,400
Using, or attempting to use, suggest or imply you can use, your licence for any purpose other than your authorised security activity. $5,500
Providing false or misleading information to SLED at any time, including in applications and any other information, records or details you are asked to provide. $5,500
Failing to produce your licence for inspection on demand by a police officer or any other members of the NSW Police Force, or any person you have dealings with while carrying out any security activity. $5,500
Failing to wear your security licence on the front of your outer clothing, above the waist, at all times while carrying out security activity. This does not apply if you have special permission from SLE to operate with displaying your licence. $5,500
Carrying out a security activity without a Class 1 or Class 2 security licence. This does not include master licence holders who provide licensed security operators. $5,500
Failing to immediately surrender a suspended or revoked licence. $11,000*
Advertising security services without a master licence. $11,000*
Using false, misleading or deceptive statements, representations or promises or deliberately hiding facts to induce any person to enter into an agreement or contract related to carrying out any security activity. $11,000*
Selling, renting or hiring out a security licence, or allowing another person to use someone else's security licence. $11,000*
  • * $11,000 fine and/or six months jail