The Industry Regulation unit includes the Compliance and Enforcement and Training Regulations teams and is led by Assistant Director (Industry Regulation) Lisa Stockley. These teams of Enforcement Officers are charged with enforcing the legislation and its accompanying regulations.

The Compliance and Enforcement team’s Enforcement Officers conduct investigations and compliance operations around NSW, which may include audits of security licence holders to ensure they are complying with their licence conditions and the rules set out in the legislation and regulations.

When Enforcement Officers find licensees breaching these rules and conditions, they use SLED’s graduated enforcement model to address the non-compliance. For minor breaches where there is no history of non-compliance, Enforcement Officers may educate the licensees and issue warnings and cautions. For more serious and repeated non-compliance, Enforcement Officers can issue fines and court attendance notices or recommend the revocation of the person or business’s security licence.

The Training Regulation team’s Enforcement Officers focus on the security training industry. They work closely with the security industry and regularly visit Registered Training Organisations to ensure training and assessments are being carried out in accordance with the NSW Security Licence Course Conditions of Approval.

The Training Regulation team also uses the graduated enforcement model to address instances of non-compliance among security trainers and training organisations.

Assistant Director (Industry Regulation) Lisa Stockley