The Determinations unit is made up of the Adjudication and the Assessment teams and is led by Assistant Director (Determinations) Michelle Morgan.

The Adjudication team makes the final decision about whether a security licence will be granted and manages the ongoing monitoring of licence holders. If a licence holder fails to comply with any law or acts in a way that is of concern, the Adjudication team decides if the licence will be suspended or revoked and takes appropriate action.

The Adjudication team also undertakes probity assessments for a variety of other industries such as tattoo parlours, explosives, combat sports and growers of medicinal cannabis.

The Assessment team examines complaints made to SLED about people or corporations in the security industry. The team identifies if there has been an apparent failure to comply with legislation and, if so, determines what action will be taken. These actions could include providing educational advice to the person or corporation in question, or referring the matter to other SLED teams, operational police or other specialist agencies.

The Assessment team also works to proactively identify apparent non-compliance and provides high quality analytical support to investigations, operations, audits and business inspections conducted by SLED, operational police and specialist agencies.

Assistant Director (Determinations) Michelle Morgan