Apply Online

You can apply for an Information Access Application online through the NSW Police Force Community Portal.

Apply By Post Or Hand

You can make an Information Access Application by post or hand by following the instructions below.

  • Complete the Information Access Application Form (PDF);
  • Ensure your application is accompanied by a fee of $30.00 (cheque or money order, enclosed and payable to the NSW Police Force).,
  • Send your application to the NSW Police Force by post to:
    NSW Police Force, InfoLink Unit, Locked Bag 5102, PARRAMATTA NSW 2124, or
    Lodge your application by hand at Police Headquarters, 1 Charles Street Parramatta NSW 2150.
How long does the processing of an application take?

The GIPA Act provides 20 working days to respond to a formal access application.

Additional time is allowed by the legislation for consultation with third parties, requests for advance deposits, requests made to the applicant to clarify details of the material sought or by negotiation with the applicant. These processes are undertaken by InfoLink on a case by case basis.

The Act provides that an agency that fails to determine an application within 20 working days after the application is received shall be deemed to have refused access to the application.  A deemed refusal allows other avenues of review to take place if requested by the applicant.

A deemed refusal of an application also requires that any application or advance deposit fee be refunded.

Informal applications:

There is no legislated time frame within which an agency must respond to an informal release application.