The performance of security activities in New South Wales is governed by the Security Industry Act 1997 and Security Industry Regulation 2007. These laws, which came into effect in July 1998, have been designed with the clear intention of providing the community of New South Wales with confidence in a professional security industry where competency through training, integrity and accountability are provided and maintained to a high standard.

All Security Industry licences are issued by the Security Licensing & Enforcement Directorate (SLED).

For further information on obtaining security industry licenses refer to:

Whats New?

Amendments to the Firearms Act 1996 - Commencing 1 November 2012

The Firearms Act 1996 has been amended as a result of the commencement of the Security Industry Amendment Act 2012. The following document details these changes:

Provisional Licensing Scheme

To engage in armed security activities, you must first seek employment with an "Approved Master Licensee" who is willing to employ you as a Provisional Pistol Licensee. The following FACT Sheet provides information on the requirements for obtaining this licence:

Master Licensees seeking to become an Approved Employer of Provisional Pistol (Business/Employment) Licensees

From 1 November 2012, licensed security firms providing uniformed armed security services may apply to become an approved Master Licensee for the purpose of employing Provisional Pistol (Business/Employment) Licence holders. The following document provides the application requirements:

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Maintenance of Firearms

Clause 88 of the Firearms Regulation 2017 provides that firearms registered to a security firm for use by armed guards must be inspected once every 3 months by a competent person and service at least once a year by a licensed firearms dealer who is qualified to service the firearm concerned.

A 'competent person' for the purpose of inspection to determine that a firearm belonging to a security firm is in good working condition would be considered to be a licence holder who has held a firearms licence for a minimum of three years or a firearms dealer, including a theatrical or club armourer.

What do I need to operate a Security Business?

To operate as a security business you must hold a Master Security Licence issued under the provisions of the Security Industry Act 1997. To allow the acquisition of firearms for use by armed security guards employed by the business, the Master business licence holder must make application for a business firearms licence.

Before approval is given to a security firm to use firearms in connection with their business the Commissioner of Police must be satisfied that a genuine reason exists for the possession and use of those firearms.

Security firms are required to provide sufficient documentation to allow an assessment to be made as to the number of firearms actually needed and to authorise the activities for which these number of firearms can be used.

What do I need if I want to be an armed Security Guard?

In order to work as an armed security guard you must hold a 1F licence issued under the Security Industry Act 1997 to allow you to carry out prescribed activities as a security guard. You must then make application for a firearms licence to work as an armed security guard.

To apply for a business or security guard licence, call the Firearms Registry on 1300 362 562. Your details will be taken over the phone and your application and genuine reason form will be posted to you.