Check if the item you wish to possess and use is a firearm.

The permits listed on the Firearm Permits homepage are to be used for firearms permits only.

If you wish to possess and use a prohibited weapon, please see the 'Prohibited Weapons Permit' page.

The 'Application for a Firearms Permit' P634 form is NOT to be used for an application for a firearms licence OR and application for a permit to acquire a firearm.

On the Firearm Permits page click on the link for the firearms permit for which you wish to make application. All forms are interactive and each firearms permit has an 'Application for a Firearms Permit' P634 form, a Legitimate Reason form and if applicable an 'Application for a Person to be Authorised on a Firearms Permit' P635 form (for additional person/s to be authorised on the firearms permit, other than the permit holder).

These forms can be completed electronically and then printed.

There is also a FACT Sheet available for each firearms permit which has detailed information about the firearms permit and other related information.

Once you have completed the firearms permit application form and the legitimate reason form, print the forms and forward them to the Firearms Registry with any supporting documentation (including P635 forms – if applicable). It is recommended that you use the checklist provided at the end of the legitimate reason form to ensure that all required information is included with your application.

For any enquiries regarding Firearms Permits, you can email the Firearms Registry Permits Unit: