The Firearms Registry is introducing a new, simple way for people to be able to acquire firearms that they have inherited.

If you are the beneficiary of firearms in a will and you wish to keep them, you must apply for a licence if you don’t already have one. If you are licensed for the correct categories of firearms, you must fill out the relevant Deceased Estate Firearm Ownership Transfer form/s.

The form acts in the place of a permit to acquire, which is a legal pre-requisite to acquire a firearm. Completion of the form satisfies the legislative requirement for the acquisition of an inherited firearm. There is no fee for this transaction.

There are two separate forms which accommodate the acquisition of both handguns and longarms.

If you have inherited a handgun and are seeking to acquire it for sport/target shooting purposes, information from your club needs to be provided with your application. The form highlights the information to be provided and/or the section to be completed by a club official.

Further information regarding the acquisition of inherited firearms is available in the Deceased Estates – Disposal of Firearms fact sheet.

Electronic versions of the forms are available below: