Why is it important to notify a change of details?

You have a legal obligation as a licence or permit holder to notify any change of details on your licence or permit as prescribed by the Firearms Act 1996 and the Firearms Regulation 2017.

NOTE: Change of details including change of address must be advised directly to the Firearms Registry to comply with your obligations under section 69 of the Firearms Act 1996 or clause 17 and 120 of the Firearms Regulation 2017.  Notifications to Service NSW / RMS do not update Firearms Registry records except at the time of completing an Online Firearm Licence Renewal.

It is vitally important that the Firearms Registry have information on your current contact details so that any correspondence is sent to the correct address. It is also a matter of public safety that operational police have current details on licence and permit holders, including the safe storage locations for firearms.

How can I update my contact details, residential, postal and/or safe storage address?

With the exception of a change of name, you can now update your contact details, residential, postal and/or firearm safe storage address via the NSW Police Force Community Portal.

To update online, you will need the following:

  • A MyServiceNSW Account
  • Proof of identity documents (e.g. Driver licence and Birth Certificate) - Note: the name on your proof of identity documents must be exactly the same as the name on your Service NSW account. If you have previously completed this process and saved your identity documents, this step will not be required
  • Your firearms licence number
  • Details of your change of personal details (e.g. the full address details of your new safe storage address)

Note: You can update multiple or add one or more safe storage address (if you will be storing your firearms at more than one location).

How can I update my change of name?

To update a change of name, you can complete the other details (excluding your safe storage address), you can complete the Firearms Registry Change of Name form.

Simply complete the online form to advise a change of name and attach the necessary supporting documentation which has been certified as true and correct (see the fact sheet below for further information) and press the 'Submit' button on the form.  A summary of the information you provided will display after you press the 'Submit' button and you can opt to  print this for your records.  You will also receive an automated response confirming receipt of your information.

What if I am moving interstate?

To hold a firearms licence in NSW, you must be a resident of NSW. If you move interstate, complete the Notification of Move Interstate & Request to Cancel NSW Firearms Licence form available on the Interstate page of our website.