A peak firearms association is an entity that is set out in clause 97(3)(d) of the Firearms Regulation 2017 and supports the firearm regulatory environment by its approval and governance of firearm clubs. This is distinct from organisations who have an ongoing consultation relationship with NSW Police Force; some of which are members of the Firearms Registry Consultative Council.

This information is relevant for both clubs and peak firearms associations (new and existing).

Peak Firearm Associations

Peak firearms associations:

  • must have a constitution
  • should align their principles and objectives between affiliated clubs and themselves (with appropriate discretion regarding structures)
  • should have a level of oversight of clubs
  • should have policies to help guide their member clubs and provide clubs with certain services including communication, policies etc
  • should communicate regularly with the Firearms Registry and report to the Firearms Registry on clubs joining and leaving (to be included in a future digital solution) and may also report on compliance issues if not reported by member clubs
  • should ensure the timely sharing of information between clubs and associations and maintain regular contact with affiliated clubs to ensure that they are operating in a manner that meets the expectation of the peak firearms association

New Peak Firearms Associations

Enquiries from various entities about how to become a peak firearm association initiated a ministerial review into the role and future requirements of peak firearm associations. This has been finalised and the below information details how to submit an expression of interest to become a peak firearms association:

Additional criteria for future peak firearm associations include that an association must:

  • undertake activities in NSW and be able to approve and support clubs based in NSW
  • have principles and objectives aligned with member clubs and have capacity to provide member clubs a range of policies, rules, coaching and training guidelines
  • provide clubs support, knowledge, and information specific to the relevant interest or discipline and publish the information
  • sport shooting peak firearms associations wishing to offer pathways to Commonwealth Games and/or Olympic Games and/or world championships (as required of approved clubs in the National Firearms Agreement) should also provide guidance to clubs on rules, coaching, and training guidelines and appropriate structures to support active participation in relevant competitions
  • be able to nominate for the Firearms Registry Consultative Council for ongoing consultation on firearms matters not related specifically to the association



  • should continue to be affiliated with peak firearms associations for their approval
  • future club approval will be based on that club seeking affiliation with a peak firearms association that aligns to the club’s principles and objectives and
    • the activity of the club, or
    • the interest of the club (e.g. collecting), or
    • a specific field or discipline or relevant competitions or pathways to competitions, or
    • the peak firearms association provides at least one of the above that aligns with the club when the association has multidisciplined activities
  • must be a member of only one peak firearms association for approval but may be affiliated to other clubs or associations for access to ranges or competitions or activities