Firearms Safety Training Instructor Approval

This approval is to allow persons, on behalf of an approved club, association or organisation, to conduct firearms safety training for longarms in accordance with an approved firearms safety training course. Applicants must hold a current (longarm) firearms licence and have held this for a minimum of three years.

Firearms Safety Training Course Participants

For an individual undertaking activities in accordance with section 6B(1)(b) of the Firearms Act 1996, the successful completion of the P650 provides the individual with an exemption of the duration of the course being run by an approved firearms instructor.

Completion of P650 forms - Unlicensed persons shooting on an approved range under supervision

A P650 is required to be completed on each occasion by the unlicensed individual seeking to participate in activities in accordance with section 6B(1)(a) of the Firearms Act 1996.

Courses conducted by approved Pistol Clubs

All courses being conducted by or on behalf of an approved pistol club prior to 1 October 2008, are approved by the Commissioner of Police for the purposes of clause 144(1)(b) of the Firearms Regulation 2017.

The Commissioner may vary or revoke this approval for any reason deemed appropriate.


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