New South Wales together with all other states and territories will be participating in an ongoing National Firearms Amnesty (amnesty) which commenced on 1 July 2021.

The aim of the amnesty is to reduce the number of unregistered firearms in Australia.

In New South Wales, the amnesty allows for:

  • Firearms or firearm related articles to be registered, supplied or surrendered to a participating firearm dealer without fear of prosecution.
  • Firearms or firearm related articles to be surrendered to a police station without fear of prosecution.
  • Prohibited weapons to be surrendered to a participating firearms dealer or police station without fear of prosecution.

A list of firearm dealers participating in the amnesty and a webpage to assist in locating your nearest police station are linked below. Ensure you contact the participating firearms dealer or your local police station, prior to attending the location with a firearm, firearm related article or prohibited weapon.

Before taking a firearm to a participating firearms dealer or a police station, make sure the firearm is unloaded and where possible, remove the bolt or other method to render the firearm safe. Place the firearm in a gun bag or wrap in a blanket. Ammunition can be taken at the same time as a firearm; however, it must be stored in a separate bag, box or container.

National Firearms Amnesty (NSW) and COVID-19

Members of the firearm industry have asked if the handing in of a firearm for surrender under the National Firearms Amnesty is a reasonable excuse for leaving the house under the current stay-at-home public health orders (Public Health (COVID-19 Temporary Movement and Gathering Restrictions) Order 2021.)

Surrendering a firearm may be considered to be fulfilling a legal obligation, which is a reasonable excuse to leave the house, particularly if it is deemed a risk to the public not to surrender the firearm immediately. In surrendering a firearm in a location that is subject to stay-at-home and other health orders, members of the public are reminded to:

  • Comply with all other COVID health order obligations, including physical distancing and wearing a mask
  • Make an appointment with a licensed participating dealer or police station
  • Carry evidence of your appointment while transporting the firearm to be surrendered. This will mean that if you are asked to evidence your reasonable excuse for leaving the house, you can do so easily
  • Consider surrendering your firearm at a time of day that is less busy so as to reduce exposure possibilities and ensure your travel arrangements are efficient to reduce time out of the house

Members of the public must comply with the NSW health orders, which affect locations throughout NSW differently. Please check the NSW Health website to stay up to date with the evolving situation.