MEDIA STATEMENT: NSW Police Force meet with independent schools

Friday, 05 March 2021 02:36:09 PM

Today (Friday 5 March 2021) representatives from the NSW Police Force met with key stakeholders in the education sector to discuss the issue of sexual violence.

Representatives from the following organisations and government departments participated in the meeting:

• NSW Police Force

• NSW Department of Education

• Association of Independent Schools

• Catholic Schools NSW

A commitment was made to establish a statement of intent to address the issue of sexual violence within NSW schools.

Some of the key elements that will be considered during this process include but are not limited to: consent education, protocols on reporting, and most importantly the safety, welfare and wellbeing of young people.

Through cooperation, collaboration and communication, the NSW Police Force and our partners in education are committed to providing schools with all available resources to create safe spaces for learning and empowerment.