27 defect notices issued during South West Region Traffic and Highway Patrol operation

Tuesday, 14 February 2023 08:29:53 AM

Police and Transport for NSW (TfNSW) conducted a light-vehicle traffic operation in Sydney’s south-west as part of Operation Defiance at the weekend.

Operation Defiance was established following reports of ongoing alleged hooning and illegal burnouts in the Camden area.

Between 9am and 5pm on Saturday (11 February 2023), officers from Traffic and Highway Patrol Command and TfNSW Regulatory Compliance and Investigation Officers conducted vehicle and driver compliance checks at the Camden Council Car Park on Holstein Street, Oran Park.

Officers inspected 27 vehicles and issued 23 defect notices for a range of vehicle maintenance issues, including unroadworthy tyres, exhausts, suspensions, lights, and other non-approved vehicle modifications.

Of the 23 defect notices issued, 14 vehicles were issued Red Label defects for dangerous faults and subsequently ordered off the road and towed from the scene.

Six vehicles were issued Yellow Label defects for minor faults, requiring the drivers to fix the vehicle within a limited time frame.

35 penalty notices were issued for failing to comply with vehicle standards.

Seven vehicles failed to attend the vehicle inspection site and are expected to be charged with not complying with a notice to present a vehicle for inspection. Further compliance action may result in vehicle registrations being suspended or cancelled.

Traffic and Highway Patrol Command’s Inspector Gregory Donaldson said the focus will continue to ensure road safety is everyone’s priority.

“Those driving AND those who own any vehicle are responsible for the manner in which it is driven, maintained and modified at all times,” Inspector Donaldson said.

“This operation is a response to ongoing complaints from local communities about hoodlums doing burnouts and driving dangerously in the area. Despite us trying to engage with these drivers to reduce these activities, they continue to offend. This operation targets and will continue to target this group of drivers until they can demonstrate that they can stop driving dangerously on our roads.

“If you can’t be responsible for your own vehicle and your driving, police will hold you accountable.

“The identification of these defective vehicles is about taking illegally modified cars off the road, who have already demonstrated that they are not being used responsibly, before their dangerous driving causes a crash to happen. There are venues and events where car enthusiasts can display their vehicles safely. A public road is not one of them.” Inspector Donaldson said.

Inquiries under Operation Defiance continue.